Jacques Cresent

The Obsidian and Platinum Devil
Mature Content Ahead (Mentions of Gore and Torture)

The Ceruleum Dragon

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On the Outside

Nicknames: Jac by his friends, AR-2324 (Specimen Name), The Primal Killer (Bahamut Zero)
Age: Thirty-Four (34)
Height: 7 Fulms, 1 Ilm (Without Horns) or 7 Fulms, 9 Ilms (With Horns)
Weight: 245 Pounze
Hair: Metallic Silver (Has a metallic shine to it, iridescent in right lights) with soft teal highlights
Eyes: Similar to those of Nidhogg (Great Wyrm Eyes) but with shades of Purple, Teal, Red and Gold
Gender: Male, Masculine Pronouns (He/Him/His)
Race on the Surface: Au Ra - Xaela
Race on the Inside: Genetically Altered by Garlean's, Dragon/Great Wyrm (Heritage ties to Bahamut and Nidhogg)
Birthplace: The Azim Steppe (Unknown to him)
Birthdate: 5th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon (October 5th)
Orientation: Demisexual, Demiromantic (Polyamorous)
Status: In an Open Relationship (Engaged)
Hobbies: Fishing, Woodworking, Mercinary for Hire, Cooking, Being the words shittiest best dergin dad to his adopted kids
MBTI: ISTP-T Virtuoso
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Temperament: Melacholic/Phlegmatic
Zodiac: Sun Libra

Jacques' Family Lineage

Creators Note: This is something that was done to work out and fully flesh out Jacques’ family heritage. If you have any issues with his family ties please simply hit that back button and be on your way.

This is for personal reference and for readers who wish to know the full details about Jacques and what his blood holds. This is fairly old but still holds true with him as he currently is.

The Dragon Within

A Fiery Temper (Personality)

❂ Considerate;
On the outside, Jacques tends to come off as a very intimidating and unapproachable character. He is always with a neutral expression on his features or he has a constant 'resting bitch face' as some come to see it. Deep down, the man is more than considerate of others and most of the time he is happy to chat with anyone who wants to have a conversational partner for the evening. He does his best to not upset anyone and generally will be as gentle and kind as possible. Of course, while he is considerate and more often than not a 'gentle giant' he does have his limits and tolerances.

❂ Tense, Alert, and Observant;
Jacques is always alert and observant whenever he happens to be out and those who see him will often notice that while he does his best to hide it he is generally tense as well. Those who know him extremely well will notice the ticks that come with that tension he carries. Usually arms crossed with a finger gently tapping or his tail swaying more rigidly behind him and the occasional tapping of his foot. The man has his reasons for being this way, though getting him to open up and actively talk about it is a hard thing to achieve.

❂ Intense Aether and Aura;
Anyone who is sensitive to Aether will just know that there is something off about Jacques from the very start. His Aether can be extremely intense and has the potential of causing those who are sensitive to have signs of Aether Sickness or worse and for those who can see Aether he will be seen as a blinding FOUNTAIN of the stuff. Those who aren't as sensitive might feel that there is more to him that just what is on the outside but they cannot quite place it, his intense and intimidating stance are one thing but Jacques just has this feel about him that says he holds many secrets. Not to mention, if anyone looks closely they will see that his eyes give off a very gentle glow to them.

❂ The Shortest of Fuses;
Limits and tolerances are a thing that, if pushed too far, will cause the man to let loose his beastial fury and any who do happen to be on the receiving end of that wrath better beware. Jacques does his absolute best to keep his temper in check but one can only do that for so long before it becomes impossible. When things are pushed to that limit Jacques will get even far more tense and his ticks became farm more obvious with his tail actively lashing behind him and he becomes far more vocal. Growling, hissing... these are all signs to back off and if you don't... well... scaled hands are primed and ready to punch the ever loving shit out of you should you push your luck. With fully scaled hands and a lot of power you'll be lucky if you don't end up concussed should he lash out.

❂ Family Oriented, Caring, Loving;
Those who mean the most to Jacques will always get his full and undivided attention. When Jacques gets such a bond with anyone, be it family or friends, they will always have a loyal and loving man by their side. Someone who will always be there for them no matter what. This however can be a double edged sword at times because if someone he cares for gets hurt then he can really break and have a very bad moment depending on the severity of what has happened. An example of this being his bond with Haurchefant and having to go through losing him... the end result was... not pretty to say the least and resulted in a small calamity as he lost control and revealed his true self for the first time.

❂ Secretive, Reserved, Private;
At the end of the day Jacques is very closed off at the start of a conversation if it involves anyone asking about what he is and the like. He tends to avoid personal questions that aren't what one normally asks such as his name, age and all that. If people try and delve too deep he puts up a wall and gets very evasive. This is because he can be quite slow to trust those he does not know and also because he has many hidden reasons to keep his secrets hidden. He doesn't want to risk the safety of those in his life and he doesn't want to risk going back to where he came from again.

A Cruel History (Backstory)

❂ Escaped Garlean Experiment;
Jacques' past is filled with horror stories and more... at the age of Thirteen his mother was killed during an invasion movement by the Empire and while his father attempted to fight them off he was quickly overwhelmed and presumed to be killed in battle. Jacques however survived and was immediately taken back to the Labs due to something not being 'right' about him and due to curiosity. He was then subjected to Twenty years of countless experiments at the hands of one Aulus mal Asina who would constantly push him to his limits and more. This ultimately lead to the 'final' experiment and Jacques getting the massive scar on his chest that he has where he had a concoction of various dragon bloods mixed with Ceruleum injected into his heart which nearly killed him as a result. He was slated for termination in the Praetorium before ultimately escaping, it took him years to become what he is today as a result.

❂ This Au Ra Has Claws;
Due to all of the countless experiments done on him as well as his overall heritage, Jacques is far less Au Ra than he is animal at this point. Anyone can tell at a GLANCE that he is vastly different from any Au Ra that is commonly seen, especially Xaela. His tail is longer and can drag the ground behind him if he doesn't keep it lifted up, his feet are draconic and have toe beans on them (paw pads) as well as being Digitigrade. He has multiple sets of horns crowning his head with the natural curled horns, a larger more dominant set at the very top of his head and a smaller more slim set above his brows. He also has WAY more scales than any normal Au Ra would ever have. Needless to say, people are going to know well enough that he is not normal and this doesn't even include the things listed above as well.

❂ In Constant Search of Answers;
Jacques is a bit reckless and will often times go out to explore anywhere that has been known to have Garlean activity. This is because his past is a complete mystery to him and he is still learning about what was done to him. Most of his memories of his time under Aulus' oh so generous care are foggy at best and most of the time if he tries to remember his mind is quick to shut it off due to the Trauma that he had to endure. He has some severe PTSD and while he has certainly improved over the course of time there will always be times where something can easily cause him to shut down or have a very bad panic attack or fear. As a note, despite what he has had to endure... Jacques does have his issues with the Empire but he does have friends who are Garleans and cares deeply for them. So while he may be a bit prickly at first, if they show him they are decent then he is not going to be as defensive as he might be otherwise.

❂ Abduction and Reliving the Nightmare;
Recently Jacques had gone out in search of more secrets and in doing so he discovered some very... disturbing secrets hidden deep within a lab in Garlean territory. No only had Aulus done more than he realized, the man had used technology to actively clone him at certain points during the experiments as an attempt to 'save his progress'. While distracted, Jacques was attacked by one of these clones and thus it resulted in his prompt capture. It is unknown how much time had passed before his prompt rescue at the hands of friends and allies but needless to say, this time was far worse and even more disturbing than his initial time spent under Aulus' watch.

❂ Fatherhood, Adopting His Son;
Before his abduction into the Empire, Jacques was out and spending time in the Azim Steppe where he came upon a... extremely gruesome scene. A family that had been hunted and killed for their scales... needless to say, Jacques immediately took action against the person who was still there and in doing so discovered his newly adopted son, Suigetsu, a young Raen. The boy, who was roughly around the age of four/five, quickly grew attached to Jacques and those who lived in the household and over the course of the months to follow quickly opened up and is a cheerful bundle of joy.

In the words of Shrek... Jacques has layers like an Onion. There is a lot to learn and even more to discover should you choose to start an adventure and RP with him!

Get to Know the Mun

✘ Jacques is located on Mateus on the Crystal Data Center
✘ Mun is willing to go to other servers to RP but prefers being on her home server usually.
✘ Mun is 32 Years Old
✘ ToxicCreed but goes by Toxic or Tox
✘ Female Pronouns (She/Her)
✘ Mun has 20+ Years of RP Experience
✘ Mun will not RP with anyone under the age of 18
✘ Mature, Dark Themed RPs and 18+ RP
✘ Most Themes are okay for the Mun! But if curious feel free to ask!
✘ Please know the difference between IC and OOC. Just because Jac is a pissy bitch doesn't mean I am.
✘ Do not Godmod, Powerplay or Metagame. Even if you know things about Jacques that does not automatically translate to "Oh hey my soopah smert OC knows he's a dwagon!" Seriously, it's not cool and it's a fucking mood killer.
✘ The Mun is an extremely shy bean who tends to wallflower a lot, Mun also has severe anxiety and PTSD from past experiences but is always happy to chat or RP if she has the RP tag on and is out!
✘ If you wish to Retcon anything please discuss it with me first before doing so. I would like the option to know if things can be changed/worked out first.
✘ General rule of thumb... Don't be a mother fucking dick.
✘ RP in-game might be difficult due to Keyboard issues at times, please be patient and understanding with me thank you <3
✘ Discord is kept private, Roleplay with the Mun will be done In-Game or through Tumblr Asks!

Character Artwork

Dragon/Great Wyrm Form

Artwork Displayed Below was drawn by myself with screenshots taken by me to add to the images.
For a full preview of his dragon form complete with wings and tail click the link below!

Au Ra Form

Jacques' Au Ra form differs from what is seen in-game and since I do not have the ability to mod due to being on the PS4 I am limited on what I can do for him. All artwork here is drawn by me.

Fanart and Guest Artwork*

As the above states below here will be a gallery of all guest artwork, fanart or commissions I have received! Artwork here will be linked with a teaser image and all credits given to the artists!

Birthday Gift by Alex

Yeeting Sharkbait by Shur

Screenshot Gallery

The Dragon Within

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